​Business Process Management For Cannabis Companies

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​Introductory Consultation

​F​irst we determine your needs and develop a a draft project format and draft charter. This is your roadmap to improved efficiency, decreased costs and increased profits

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Key Process Indicator (KPI) Development

Measure Your Process

Identify, define, and construct metrics need to measure the efficiency or quality of a business process.  Sets the standard for how a process should perform.

Business Process Capability Analysis

Can Your Process Meet The Standard?

Using customer data, determine if business process is capable of performing within the standards that the client has set, services include current state SIPOC and detailed process map

Current State High Level and Detailed Process Maps

Understand Your Process

Work with Client-designated process owner to visually depict high level (SIPOC) and detail level current state process map.

Current State High Level Process and Value Stream Map

Understand Your Process

Work with Client-designated process owner to visually depict high level map (SIPOC) and current state value stream map.  Does not include baseline timing, pain point analysis, or waste-analysis.

Rapid Decision Making Event (3 day onsite+80 hours project management)

Need Rapid Improvement?

Map and measure current process.  Consider root causes and solutions.  Document Resources needed to apply solutions.  Implement solutions.  Measure results, make any necessary adjustments, document new standard work.  Complete training on new standard work and communicate changes to the organization.

Standard Operating Procedure Creation

Standardize Your Work

Standardized workflows and procedures allow a business to scale operations more effectively and replicate operation set up.

Standard work, operating procedures, quality management, and continuous improvement are important to a business' ability to be nimble in a rapidly changing market place.  Our methods of project management and continuous improvement methods are the same used by companies such as Toyota, GE, Verizon, Amazon, United Healthcare, Aetna, and others to establish standard work, operating procedure, and quality management to decrease cycle time, eliminate defect, waste, and rework

This allows them to successfully build quality into every process and now we can do it for you too!

​Green Worx Consults provides business process management development services,  in addition to Lean process improvement, 6 Six Sigma(DMAIC, Quick Sigma, Agile Sigma) consulting and project management services for all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industries